What is a application forms?

Application forms are documents which are used to gather information about a person who is applying for a course, a job, an institution or for a service. Given the vast range of application forms, it is difficult to pinpoint their importance. Depending on the nature of the application form, their uses vary. But in general, they are used to collect factual information, as well as other kinds of information and to judge whether the person is suitable to be granted whatever it is he or she is applying for. Some uses of application forms are as follows:

  • Application forms provide information about the applicant. This information can be factual, like an application form for a visa or a passport, or it can be both factual and subjective, like in case of an application form for a job or a scholarship where the candidate will be required to state his interest, intentions etc.
  • Application forms are used to deem the suitability of a candidate. Often an impressive application form can carry great weight, and make the path easier for the applicant to be granted the object of his application.
  • Application forms are part of a process. They are used to provide an honest, objective and an unbiased platform for everyone to apply for a certain thing, within certain prescribed norms. If there were no application forms, the granting of goods or services would have been arbitrary and there would have been no system or order in the proceedings.
  • Application forms can provide applicants with the opportunity of stating their case. In the case of those forms which are not restricted to factual information only, applicants can state their intentions and thus their side of the story can also be judged and verified. This ensures a democratic selection procedure.

Application forms thus have a lot of use. They must be framed correctly in order to be impressive and suitable.

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