What is a affidavit form

Affidavit forms usually contain a sworn statement for testifying any fact and are signed by a deponent or affiant and witness to authenticate the document. Such a pre-developed layout is used for verifying the statement and this could be served as an evidence for legal proceedings and veracity. Such a layout has enormous importance as it establishes any sworn statement effectively and it is produced as a legal document after getting signed by both the concerned parties. Few importance of an affidavit form remains invariably the same despite of its content or statement. Those are as follows:

  • It helps to obtain a legal declaration and it even authenticates that the information provided by the applicant or participant is truthful. Incase of any future contrariety, the person concerned may face legal implications or perjury charges.
  • An affidavit can also be referred as an attestation clause, which attest an affiant and serve as an affirmation of the content stated.
  • This is such a document which could be used for diverse purposes ranging from a witness statement for harassing any individual or a group till a certification used for authenticating any transaction.

Irrespective of the content, the document should be framed comprehensively yet with transparency so that it could uphold its importance in serving at the time of legal implications. Moreover, the document must include the essential details like name and address of the affiant and an authenticate signature of the witness for stating the statement of truth. This would help the witness, such as a qualified official or a notary public to indicate that the affiant has declared the truth without any suppression and he or she understands the pledge or oath for declaring a true statement. An erroneous affidavit form could deter its importance and can be an offence for both affiant and witness.

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