What is Query Form

The query form is a general document that is used by the business institutions for the purpose of receiving queries from the old and potential customers and investors. This form is created by the company, specifically by the Human Resources Department, for the purpose of creating a closer connection and interaction between the firm and its clientele. It is important that such a form is created meticulously keeping in mind the varied number of people who will have different types of questions and queries to ask. Moreover, there should be adequate spacing provided in the form for individual to formulate his or her own questions. The construction of the query form must be done keeping the following in mind:

  • It should be ensured that the query form has the necessary company details at the beginning or header. It is necessary that the company logo and name is placed strategically so as to gain instant attention.
  • There should be suitable provision made for the individual customer or investor to note down his personal information which should include name and contact details. There should be a parenthesis added wherein the individual can choose not to fill in these details.
  • There should be proper space left for the customer to place the query. This could also be done in the form of multiple choice questions where the company anticipates the frequently asked questions and states them in the form for the customer to tick at the most appropriate one.
  • The query form must also have an additional space wherein the individual can place any additional comment or question that he or she may want to ask.
  • Lastly, the form must end with a positive statement that thanks the individual for his/her time and promises to get back with the suitable answer to the query made.

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