What is an order form

An order form is a document which contains the details of an order for products placed by an individual or a company or business organization. They are usually used for orders placed in bulk, that is, for a number of products. An order form is a crucial document which must incorporate every little detail regarding the order to be placed in a cogent and orderly manner. Such documents are usually computer generated and thus, special care should be provided to ensure that the order forms comply with the requirements of the company.

  • An order form must contain information about the products that will be ordered, the mode of payment, the address to which the products should be delivered or shipped to, the time at which the delivery or consignment must be shipped, the details of the recipients of the order and so on.
  • All financial details like amount of money, installments in which the money will be paid, mode of payment and so on must be specified in the order form itself. All terms and conditions which will govern the order, like penalties imposed in case of receipt of damaged goods, failure to dispatch the order on time and so on, must be mentioned clearly. The order form must be as transparent and unambiguous as it possible can.
  • The order form must be designed in a manner suiting the needs of the company placing the order. It is a kind of office form which must be imprinted with the logo of the company. This will lend authenticity and credibility to the order form and prevent confusion and errors.
  • An order form must be preserved for future reference as well. It serves as a written record of orders placed and the receipt of the products. An order form is usually stamped and signed on the receipt of the products to close the deal.

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