What is an office form

Office forms are a vast range of documents all dealing with various aspects of the business or company. Ideally, each business organization or company should design their own office forms for the purpose of providing some individual touches to the forms. Office forms can be of many different types like office leave forms, requisition slips, business documents highlighting deals and conveying information, payments slips and so on. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to ensure that each form is clearly marked and carefully differentiated from others of the same type.

  • An office form must contain all the lineation for incorporating relevant information. For example, if the office form in question is a leave sanctioning form, it should contain spaces where the employee can outline his reason for requesting leave, duration of leave and whether the leave is sick leave or casual leave. These details work together to create a composite and clear document which can then be called an office form.
  • Usually such forms are easily created by using basic programs like MS Word and MS Office.
  • The company logo must be inserted in order to lend personalization and customization to the office forms, and to differentiate them from any other forms of the same type. They can also be downloaded from the internet but these too will have to be molded according to individual specifications.
  • In case of disputes and contestations, office forms can be used as legal evidence. Thus it becomes imperative that office forms are stored or archived properly, using the necessary filing systems and so on.
  • Office forms must also state their purpose in the form itself, and a brief outline of the office’s policies regarding the subject of the form must be inserted into the form as well. This creates clarity and is extremely useful to employees and customers who are not aware of company policies.



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