What Is an Inventory Form

An inventory form contains information related to the various inventories that an organization or a business holds. Inventory forms are mostly used by the stores department and are integral towards keeping a proper count of products or items required by the business or organization. Inventory forms can also be used for keeping count of items or products that are being manufactured by an organization and will be sent to retailers or distributors over the course of time. Keeping information about the number of items in holding makes it easier to know how much stock is there and what stocks have replenished or need to be bought.

There are two important parts of any inventory form and they are:

  • Type of Inventory: The main purpose of an inventory form is to enhance the documentation of various products or items that form an integral part of the inventory of a company or business. There are two types of inventories – internal and external. A good example of an internal inventory would be writing pads, stationary, pens, stapler, puncher etc. External inventories include any and all products that are either being manufactured by the company or sold by the company. For example: a music company will have Music CD’s or DVD’s, which will be their inventory. Hence, it is very important to first define the various inventories that need to be kept stock of month after month and year after year.
  • Stock Calculation: This is the most important part of an inventory form and is the area where all stock calculations are written. This area comprises of several rows and columns and is often termed as the record area. Here, the store keeper enters the number of products or stocks of a particular item. The data in an inventory sheet is divided into several headings like current stock, replenished stock, number of items in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week, total number of items etc.

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