What is an expense form

An expense form is used to maintain the records of expenses incurred by the employees of an organisation for their personal or professional use, as well as those which were incurred by the company in general to run the organisation on a day to day basis. It is very important to have expense forms as it helps to set the budget of the organisation and without it there will be no record of the numerous expenses that a company has to face every day. Since these forms are kept in the company’s records, they come of great use during the auditing at the year end and eventually help in knowing about the company’s profits by studying the expenses and savings.

There are many types of expense forms commonly used in an organisation. The most used forms are as follows:

  • Travel expense forms: The travel expense form is used by an employee of the organisation to mention all those expenses that was incurred by him when he was on any official trip or business assignment. Travel expenses may include food and lodging bills, ticket fares and general expenses made on the trip.
  • Monthly expense forms: Monthly expense forms are used to record all the expenses that are carried out in the entire months by the company and its employees. These forms are usually filled up by the administrative department and include all the regular utilities bills like electricity, water, internet, security etc.
  • Employee expense forms: These forms are filled by any employee to mention the expenses carried out by them for the organisation during the working hours. It can include fuel bills, restaurant bills for dinner with clients, or buying gifts for important clients during festivals and so on.

Expense forms are always accompanied by the original receipt of the expenses so that there is proof that the expenses were actually incurred.

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