What is an examination form

An examination form is filled by a student and submitted to the authorities holding the exam so that his details can be verified by them and they can give him permission to sit for the exams. Examination forms are usually filled by hand but in today’s age when technology is a part of lives, most examination forms can be filled and submitted online and the necessary information about a student can be posted there without having to post it or go to the office personally. After the authorities receive these forms, they do a background check on the candidate and analyse the validity of the application. Usually an examination form is accompanied by an examination fee which is also verified and recorded by the authorities.

An examination form consists of the following points:

  • General information: The first section asks for the general information of the applicant such as his name, address, gender, contact number, roll number, name of institute, which course he is studying, his age, class and so on.
  • Subjects: The second important part of the form is the names of subjects or papers that the candidate is appearing for in the examination, which is mentioned in the admit card or hall ticket he will receive later. Some examination forms also ask of the subject codes. He may also need to give a fee based on the number of subjects he selects.
  • Centre of examination: The student may be asked to fill in the name and code of the centre he prefers based on the proximity and ease of location. If such a location is available, the student is given first preference for that particular centre.

Examination forms may be of many types like school or college examination forms, entrance exam forms, competitive exam forms and so on. But the basic details of the forms remain the same.

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