What is an evaluation form

An evaluation form is used to verify or evaluate an individual’s performance or his condition regarding a particular situation. It is mostly used by companies to analyse their employee’s work in order to do the annual appraisal. It can also be used by educational institutions to evaluate whether the students have understood the study materials and made any improvement or not. Evaluation is important because it helps to provide feedback to the authorities about an employee’s job effectiveness and career growth. It aims to be a fair and balanced assessment of someone’s work and helps the employers to know how the staff is contributing towards the organisation.

The content of an evaluation form will depend on the subject it is used for. But every evaluation form consists of the following basic information:

  • Names and contact details: The name, address, phone number and any other contact details of the employee must be mentioned.
  • Designation and date of joining: The position of the employee and his date of joining or number of years he has worked must be entered.
  • Date of last evaluation: The date or year of the last time the individual was evaluated or given a promotion must be mentioned.
  • Evaluation criteria: Every job has different criteria on the basis of which an employee is judged. Usually a point system is used to rate the employee in that particular category. Depending on the job requirements, different standards are mentioned and the individual is given marks which are added at the end for a complete evaluation.
  • Accomplishments: A list of his accomplishments are mentioned and analysed to see how they contributed towards the company’s growth.
  • Additional comments: An evaluation may also consist of an interview with the employee. His views are put down in the form and taken into consideration when making the final assessment.

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