What is an Authorization Form

An authorization form as the name suggests is for authorizing a person, an activity, buying and selling of products or services, certification and standards, private practice, and legal proceedings among others. An authorization form is normally filled by a person or entity that has authorization power. It can also be filled by a person or entity that requires the authorization and has to be signed by someone with authorization power. An authorization form is required in different industries, organizations, and situations. It can be required for something as simple as closing a bank account to getting a permit for taking photographs of a sensitive area.

An authorization form constitutes several aspects and is dependent on the activity, person, product or service in question. An authorization form includes:

  • Personal information: This part of an authorization form includes personal aspects like the name and age of the person being authorized, address and phone number, sex, nationality, professional or work information, and employers address and phone number.
  • Subject: This part of the authorization form constitutes the subject that requires authorization and the need for it. It includes details of the subject for example: authorization for photography would have details of the area to be photographed, other areas in a particular region to be photographed, the reason for photography, additions and omissions, and type of documentation required among others.
  • Authorization: The final part of the form constitutes authorization by the right people or authority. This is where the authorized person or committee needs to sign the form. Signing the form means they are providing permission or authorization to the person or activity mentioned in the form.

The authorization form can be signed by a single person or multiple people in a committee or board. An authorization form always has an expiry date and is based on the need and subject for authorization.

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