What is an Assessment Form

An assessment form is used when an individual, business or government institution needs to assess the value or requirement of a certain need, which could be a product, service or activity. Assessments forms are used in different sub areas of an existing industry or for setting up a new industry, unit, land, office space, infrastructure and much more. Assessment forms have to be filled by the assessor and are normally submitted to an assessment committee, organization operations committee, or the body that requires this assessment.

An assessment form takes into account several factors depending on the product, service or activity being assessed. An assessment form constitutes:

  • Personal information: The first part of an assessment form includes information pertaining to the assessor or the person filling the assessment form. Some of the important constituents of this section include name, age, sex, nationality, address, the product, service or activity being assessed and the reason for the assessment.
  • Assessment: This constitutes the product, service or activity being assessed. Each element of the product, service or activity is mentioned and their respective values or assessment has to be provided. It contains details and data. For example, if it is an environmental assessment then the section will include all details related to the environment of a specific place, the condition of the environment, improvements required, previous state vis-à-vis current state etc.
  • Value: This constitutes the value attributed or associated with the assessment. Value in the assessment form may be in terms of expenses involved, its market value in the near future, present value, or the value in metaphysical terms.
  • Validate: The final part of the assessment form constitutes validation. This is where the assessor needs to sign the form and provide their remarks or valuable judgment regarding the assessment of the product, service or activity.

The assessment form once filled and signed by the assessor is then recommended for necessary action.

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