What is an Appraisal Form

An appraisal form is used primarily by employees of an organization and is meant for appraising their overall performance in a calendar year or financial year. Appraisal forms are issued by HR teams in organization and have to be filled by everyone from trainee or executives to senior managers and even directors. On the basis of the appraisal form, a performance rating is provided and this helps HR in implementing career growth and development decisions for the said employee. Appraisal forms are instrumental in promotion, pay increases, and amount of bonus paid to an employee.

An appraisal form takes into account several factors like including employees take on the organization as a whole. It constitutes the following:

  • Personal information: The top part of an appraisal form contains official and personal details of the employee. Personal information includes name, age, sex, and date of birth. Professional information includes department or division, physical location, position or designation, time in the organization (from-to), time in the present position, date and time of appraisal, name of the appraiser and designation.
  • Body of the appraisal form: In the body of the appraisal form, the employee being appraised has to provide information related to their view of the organization, work environment in the organization, their level of satisfaction in the company, job responsibilities handled currently, objectives set in the last 6-12 months, objectives achieved,
  • Score sheet: This is an integral part of the appraisal form as it contains scores based on performance and other factors. The scores are provided by the employee in question and are based on certain parameters like knowledge, capability, achievements in last 12 months, number of organizational objectives met, performance awards if any, team skills and much more.
  • Appraiser’s page: This is the final part of the appraisal form and has to be filled by the appraiser.  This part of the form constitutes appraisers validation of information provided by the employee being appraised and their views and comments on the said employee. The bottom part of the form contains a signature box for both employee being appraised and the appraiser and recommendations of the appraiser.

The appraisal form once filled and signed by both employee and appraiser is sent to the HR team of an organization to necessitate recommended or worthy action.

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