What is an Application Form

An application form is required by a person applying for a specific service, work, specific product, permission or permit, enrollment, and reports. The use of an application form is varied and is required in numerous fields including education, employment, visa, insurance, and much more. While filling an application form, you need to ensure that all the information provided in the application form is correct and it is duly signed. Whatever be the type of application form, they constitute mostly information related to the applicant and information regarding what is applied for.

Filling an application form is quite easy and as it requires basic information to be provided by the applicant.

  • Personal information: The top part of the application form always contains personal information. Here, an applicant provides personal details like full name, age, date of birth, sex, marriage information, mothers and fathers name, spouse and siblings, and residential address with proper contact number. If you are applying for employment then you will need to include current or previous organization, their address and phone number.
  • Body of the form: This is the most important section of an application form. Depending on the type of application, the body contains information related to the specific nature of the form. For example: if the application is for enrollment in MBA course then it will constitute information related to college or school applied for, type of MBA course applied for, major and minor subjects, previous educational details, percentage or grade acquired, entrance exam score like GMAT score, etc. If it is an employment form then it will include previous employer information, job profile, number of years worked, etc.
  • Signature: The final or bottom part of the form contains an area for signature of the applicant along with the day and date. It also contains an area where the receiver of the application form needs to sign or stamp.

The application form can be given along with other documents as proof or backing information like copy of certificates, copy of educational degree and more.

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