What is an Affidavit Form

An affidavit form is normally required to initiate a court proceeding or a legal proceeding. Today, affidavits are used for serving different purposes that are non-judicial in nature including for real estate, travelling abroad under special circumstances, divorce, legal heir, insurance, etc. For example, an individual might need to file an affidavit in order to attest his or her current income level. This attestation of the income level can be for qualify for federal housing or even Medicaid. One of the most important aspects to remember is that an affidavit form needs to be signed by people involved in front of the notary and it should contain the notary stamp otherwise it will be invalid.

Affidavits used to initiate judicial proceedings throw insight into the witness’s account of various facts pertaining to a legal case. An affidavit form is always written in first person and can be handwritten or typed. The good thing about affidavit forms is that it can be changed according to the nature of the case or the situation. Most standard affidavit forms have multiple paragraphs, each constituting the requirement of specific information related to the case or the person filling the form.

  • Affidavit title: This is at the top of the affidavit form and throws light into what the nature of the case is and what information or facts it contains. For example: if you are purchasing property then the header or title would be “affidavit for property purchase”.
  • Fact statement: This is the most important part of an affidavit form. Fact statements or affidavit deed can be divided into several sub sections in the form. The first section will consist of first and last name of the deponent, age, occupation, and current residential address information. The next sub-section will consist of facts and statements and is referred to as the body of the affidavit. In the body of the affidavit, all information and facts pertaining to the case i.e. – property purchase, business registration, divorce etc should be mentioned.
  • Affidavit signature: This is the bottom part of an affidavit form and constitutes the deponents signature as well as the signature of the notary along with the day and date.

One of the important aspects of an affidavit form is that it is incomplete without an exhibit. An exhibit consists of factual documentation, which could be in the form of letters and other documents received or sent by the deponent.

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