What is a Verification Form

A verification form is a document that collects information to help the concerned authorities to verify certain data about an individual. One comes across various types of verification forms in every walk of life like passport verification form, police verification form, employment verification form, marks verification form, signature verification form and so on and so forth. With corruption and cases of fraudulence on the rise, verification forms have become indispensable in checking the sincerity of the concerned individual and preserving the sanctity of institutions. Needless to say, documentation of these forms demands an extreme level of professionalism and precision. Given below are a few points that may help one to efficiently accomplish this task:

  • The information sought must be specific to the purpose of verification.
  • The tone must be simple and straightforward. The questions asked must not confuse the user nor must it leave any doubt in his mind.
  • The form must project a professional, serious, and no nonsense look.
  • Evidences should be sought to support the information furnished in the form.
  • Information relating to similar subjects must be clubbed together. In this way, several fields and sub fields may be created to initiate an organized format that would ease the job of the user as well as the processor.
  • In case of numerical data, a tabular format is a smarter way out.
  • The fields that are required to be filled in compulsorily may be highlighted in a different color or marked by a separate symbol.
  • The order in which the fields would be arranged must be drafted carefully. The form may follow a chronological order or priority based order depending on the purpose in which it is used.
  • It is important that the form is documented non-erroneously. Spellings and grammatical errors must be checked before being issued.
  • Comprehensiveness should be the motto to ensure the required completion rates.

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