What is a Survey Form

With the advent of globalization and information technology, business in the 21st century has become a more interactive and market oriented sphere. Customers today are more aware and harder to please. Herein lies the utility of surveys in keeping the companies updated about their customer’s needs and complains. Survey forms are thus documents that enable organizations to gauge user’s responses and gather information about their target consumers that would then be used to improve product quality and eventually business profits. As these forms are a reflection of the company’s present status, it is highly important that these forms project a professional look. Following are a few points that are worth considering while documenting such forms:

  • Intelligent questions: The questions must be formulated intelligently so that they arrest the user’s attention and extort honest replies from them that may provide the organization with subtle hints about the psychology of the users.
  • Interesting element: The survey form must have an interesting quotient as it is a proven fact that survey forms that offer an exciting experience have higher completion rates than the ones that are merely factual.
  • Relevance: The information asked must be relevant to the business interest of the company and must not sound intrusive and tedious.
  • Respondent’s Identity: To extort honest feedbacks, most companies prefer anonymous surveys wherein the identity of the respondent is either not asked for, or the respondent is assured that his identity would be well protected and his opinion would in no way hamper his relationship with the organization.
  • Comprehensiveness: The form should in no way appear effusive as that might deter the interest of the respondents to provide complete information.

Apart from market research of a business, these forms may also be used in politics and governance to gauge public opinion, in offices to understand employee opinion or in organizational climate surveys.

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