What is a Statement Form

A statement form is a document that records the statement or declaration of an individual or an institution regarding a particular topic. Depending on the purpose in which they are used, statement forms can be of various kinds. For instance, a witness statement form is used to register information that may be pertinent to a civil or criminal lawsuit, reporting the events witnessed by the concerned individual. A financial statement form, on the other hand, is a document recording summary of the revenues and expenses undergone in a business endeavor in a specified time period. An environment statement form again is a document that every industry is supposed to submit explaining the procedure by which its waste is disposed and the raw materials consumed. Owing to the various legal and official purposes it serves, the drafting of a statement form requires extra care and expertise. The following points may help one to document a valid statement form:

  • The criterion set must be framed cleverly so that it is able to extort all the relevant information from the person filling the form.
  • Complexity should be avoided. The form must be user friendly and easy to understand.
  • The form should cover a broad spectrum in a minimal frame.
  • In case of financial statements, tabular representation of data may create a better impression.
  • Legal statements should mention all terms and conditions with utmost clarity so that no dual meaning may be derived from the statement.
  • Language must be non-erroneous. Misspelt words or incorrect grammar hampers the sanctity of the form.
  • Brevity is to be maintained. A lengthy form is detrimental to the concentration of both the person filling the form and the one processing it.
  • The form must sport a thoroughly professional look to evoke in the user a sense of sincerity and responsibility.

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