What is a Reservation Form

Advance reservations have become a crucial aspect of daily life in the twenty first century. Reservation forms come in handy to register one’s request for reservation or rather, to officially engage one’s services for a certain function. Reservation forms can be of various types as per the field in which it is used, the most common being for the purpose of booking seats in railways or airlines, hotel accommodation, booking tables in restaurant or booking certain products in advance. These forms ensure that the service sought is booked in the name of the applicant for a specified time period and is made available to him.

As these documents are meant for smooth professional interaction between the organization and its clients, it is chiefly necessary to ascertain that such forms are constructed with the required level of professionalism and accuracy. Following are some golden rules that may be adopted to draft an ideal reservation form, irrespective of its content.

  • The letterhead of the organization issuing the form must be present in a noticeable manner to assert a sense of reliability and sincerity.
  • The form must capture all the contact information of the requestor. Evidences regarding the person’s identity may also be demanded if deemed necessary to avoid legal complications.
  • The details of the reservation and the extent of it must be sought. The time frame during which the reservation is valid must be highlighted.
  • The form must explain the terms and conditions that must be endorsed in making the reservation valid.
  • Other personal details as in the applicant’s interest areas may be asked for to create scope for further business between the two parties. However, the questions must not sound obtrusive.
  • The form must have provision for giving detailed description of the monetary transactions involved in the process.
  • The form should not be made complex such that filling the form and processing it becomes time consuming.

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