What is a Requisition Form

A requisition form is an official document on which a requisition is made. These can be used in libraries to register requests for a book, in laboratories or classrooms to enlist supply demands, in business organizations to record supply or purchase requests or in offices to enlist staff positions that must be filled. They enable the requestor to forward their request officially to the concerned authorities and thereby pursue their requirements.

Requisition forms are also used in courts wherein an individual can ask the court registry to do something or request a judge to make a particular order. As these forms have become almost indispensable in every official routine, it is extremely crucial that a requisition form is drafted carefully with absolute precision. The following points may guide one to document an effective requisition form:

  • The form should have lineation for the contact information of the requestor and all relevant details about the conveyance of the requested materials.
  • It should be structured thus that the request made and the purpose of it is highlighted to the concerned authority.
  • The form must not be made unnecessarily complex as it may hinder the comprehensibility of the salient content.
  • Language should be lucid. All requirements should be explained with utmost clarity to avoid misunderstanding.
  • The form should be designed to gather maximum relevant data using minimum effort.
  • The letterhead of the organization may be inserted to give the form a professional outlook so that it may instill in the requestor a sense of responsibility and sincerity while filling the form.
  • All points must be arranged in perfect order of their importance. Spaces that must compulsorily be filled in order that the request is processed should be highlighted.
  • Filling up the form must not demand too much time from the requestor.

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