What is a Report Form

Reports have become a very crucial component of any enterprise. A report form is a document that is meant to present salient content to a specific audience with the sole purpose of relaying information. Report forms can be of various types depending on the kind of information it is supposed to present, like science report forms, book report forms, case report forms, expense report forms, currency transaction report forms, incident report forms, so on and so forth. These forms also find ample use in business as they ease interaction with customers by providing their feedback on the products and services of the company. While in case of book report forms the user is able to get a glimpse of the understanding of the reader and thereby assess the kind of market the book may draw. Case report forms again are used in clinical trial research to enable the sponsor to collect the data needed to test hypotheses from the participating sites.

The examples cited above, though few are enough to stress on the importance these forms command in its multiple uses and consequently the precision and professionalism required in drafting such forms. The following guidelines may prove effective while documenting report forms:

  • Care should be taken while formulating the questions such that they extract a focused review from the client.
  • The questions must be interactive enough to grip the attention of the participant.
  • The form must be designed in a way that it is able to gather all the relevant information without sounding intrusive or boring.
  • The language used should be simple and straightforward. Clarity should be maintained.
  •  The form must bear the contact information and the signature of the person filling up the form.
  • Short is always sweet. Hence, it must be concise, crisp yet engaging.

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