What is a Release Form

A release form is a document issued by a releasor with the intention of terminating any legal liability that may exist between him and the releasee. These are generally used by photographers, film producers, radio and music producers to ensure that the person photographed, filmed or recorded consents to the material being used for whatever purpose the releasee (or the person responsible for the releasing rights) deems fit, such that if the material is broadcasted, published or made public, the copyright owner would have a clean chain of title for the work.

Release forms may also be used in legal cases to ensure that the litigation is terminated when a settlement is reached between the plaintiff and the defendant. Medical release forms again, are used to authorize medical authorities to provide copy of the medical records of the patient to his lawyer so that the patient may then be able to review his reports or consult some other doctor. Biographers too resort to interview release forms to ensure that the interviewee does not object to the content of the biography later when the book gets published.

Being legal documents, the stakes held by these forms are extremely high and hence, a few points are worth considering while drafting a release form:

  • The material, individual or entity being released should be described in detail, as should be the extent of the release.
  • Care should be taken while documenting release forms as omission of any necessary limitation may create loophole for the other party to get out of the contract.
  • The release form should cover spaces for elucidating all circumstances and also be specific to its purpose.
  • Words used should be chosen carefully so that it conveys the sense of the contract with absolute clarity and leave no space for tracing double meanings.

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