What is a Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement forms are documents that record the plea of an individual for compensation of an expense that the concerned authority had promised to bear in exchange of certain services. Business firms, churches, government organizations and many other units use reimbursement forms in order to track expenses and maintaining transparency while making payments to employees or volunteers for the expenses incurred. Reimbursement forms can be of many types depending on the sort of reimbursement sought like medical expense, study expenditure, transport, mobile bills, day care.

As a reimbursement form furnishes information on the person claiming reimbursement and ensures that payment is made only to the deserving, drafting of such forms demand precision and professionalism. The following points may come in handy while documenting such forms:

  • The letterhead of the concerned institution must be highlighted to assert a sense of credibility to the document and demand a sense of responsibility from the user.
  • The form must have space for containing the contact details of the person claiming reimbursement.
  • The factual details of the reimbursement sought: the date the expense was made, the purpose of the expense, the type of expenditure and the amount involved should be asked for. Evidences of the expenditure (money receipt, bill, etc.) may be demanded, if deemed necessary.
  • The form must be designed in a way that all information may be gathered without seeming intrusive or offensive.
  • Lucidity and clarity should be the motto such that the individual filling the form is able to comprehend what is asked for without much effort.
  • The form should not go on for pages unnecessarily so that filling as well as reading it becomes a tedious job. An ideal form provides all relevant information at a single glance.
  • Draft it in a user-friendly way but also emphasize on imparting a professional touch to the document.

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