What is a Registration Form

With the advent of technologies and the ushering in of the corporate era, the task of maintaining records has undergone a complete revolution. Gone are the days of hand written long fat books that were maintained manually by storming questions at people standing in queues to gain access to events. Today, registration forms are issued to ease the process of documentation and smoothen interaction between clients, pupils or invitees (as the case may be).

A registration form is a document that is used to enroll a person’s name and other relevant information in an official list. These forms find a wide range of use in various fields; be it in medicine, academics, business or governance and can be generated manually or through the electronic media. Since registration forms enable non-erroneous maintenance of databases, it is extremely important that these are constructed professionally with the aim of gathering all relevant information at one go. The following points must be kept while drafting a registration form:

  • The primary objective of a registration form is to capture the contact details of the registered person. Hence an ideal registration form must have provision for collecting as much information about the person concerned as would be possible without seeming intrusive.
  • The contact information of the person may be followed up by other personal information that may throw light on the individual’s interests, career objectives or the purpose of his visit providing the user subtle hints as to how the person may be dealt with, or how his visit may be made mutually beneficial.
  • Comprehensiveness is one of the most defining features of a registration form as because a lengthy form fails to hold the attention of clients and inhibits interactions.
  • The language used in the form must be lucid such that it does not challenge the comprehension of the user and create scope for misunderstandings.

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