What is a Questionnaire Form

The questionnaire form is a document that is used for making inquiries about different aspects of a particular topic, good, service etc. This is not just used by business firms to ascertain their standard of marketing and sales but also by other non-profit organizations for assessing certain relevant political, social or economical issues. This is an effective tool through which the consumers’ reactions and satisfaction can be gauged with regards to certain goods or services. Various problems with regards to the product can also be determined through this questionnaire as well. It is important to note that such a questionnaire form must be formatted keeping in mind the niche market or the social group towards which it is assessed. There are certain points that need to be addressed while formulating the form:

  • There should be a proper heading given to the questionnaire form. This could be just the company logo or a different heading that is relevant to the general theme of the form.
  • Below the heading, the questionnaire form must also convey the basic intent. This must be done briefly and should not take up too much space in the form.
  • The questions need to be properly arranged within the form. They should be brief and composed understandable language so that it can reach a great number of customers or respondents.
  • The questions should preferably be of multiple choices. There should be numerous options given so that it will be easier for the respondent to select and respond adequately.
  • There can also be essay questions provided in the form. For this, one must ensure that there is sufficient spacing provided.
  • There should also be additional space provided towards the end of the questionnaire where the respondent can add comments regarding the issue discussed in the form.

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