What is a Purchase Form

The purchase form is a requisition document that is sent by the company either internally to the purchasing department or externally to other companies for the purpose of acquiring certain goods or services. This needs careful construction since there are a lot of details with regards to the stock that has been requested for. This will include particulars like quantity of goods, cost, source from which this is required and the date and time of delivery. The form must be properly formulated making sure all aspects are covered with respect to purchase of goods and services. These are generally used by smaller firms which do not use the electronic medium for ordering and delivering such as the computer. For designing such a form, a few things need to be kept in mind:

  • Firstly, there should be provision made for the company to write its name and address so as to ensure that delivery is made to the correct address.
  • Secondly there must be adequate space provided for the purchaser to include all necessary details pertaining to the goods or service to be purchased. This will include name of the goods to be purchased, its unique code number, quantity, price and other additional costs.
  • The next section must include the payment details of the company. This should feature the mode, method and means of payment which will be decided beforehand.
  • The purchase form must stipulate the date, time and method of delivery of the goods to the requested address that will be provided for at the very beginning.
  • The last section of the purchase form should also provide necessary lineation for the authorized signature to be made by the manager of the purchasing department within the same company or of another company from which this purchase order is requested.

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