What is a Proposal Form

The proposal form is an important document that is used by various institutions for the purpose of proposing new plans. The whole point of such a form is to submit an outline of the activity to be pursued so that proper approval is sought. The most common type of proposal form is the bid proposal form used for acquired more clients and investors for the company. This is a planned scheme that is offered as a proposal to the company firm. It states the different approaches to be taken and the means through which the stated activity will be completed or accomplished.  Such a form needs careful formulation especially in terms of the lineation of the different topics and sub topics that it approaches. The following points must be ensured within the structural format of the proposal form:

  • A proper introduction is mandatory. This must be short and should contain all the necessary aims of the proposal. If required, the important points can be arranged in a chronological fashion to create better impact.
  • The scope of work should form the next part of the proposal form. Here, the work that is to be included with the proposal and those that will be excluded should both be mentioned in a systematic and clear manner.
  • The next part of the form should consist of the liabilities wherein the responsibilities and obligations should be assigned to the required parties. This needs to be done meticulously highlighting the importance of following the duties and functions assigned with the proposal.
  • The concluding section must state the fees charged or the cost that will have to be bourn if the proposal is accepted. This must also have a separate section in the form where the penalties for failure to comply to terms and conditions will also be mentioned.

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