What Is a Notice Form

A notice form is a type of form that is used by an individual or a company to issue a notice to another company or individual. There are some standard formats available for notice forms but some of the forms do vary depending on the type of notice. A notice form is used most commonly for eviction by landlord, for foreclosure of a home, and a public notice. The public notice may contain any information that the government or a government body wants to share with the public while an eviction notice is issued by a landlord to their tenant to vacate a specified property.

Let’s take a look at the two most important aspects of a notice form used by landlords with the intent to have their tenants vacate:

  • Tenant information: This is the first section of a notice form and is common in both 30 and 60 day eviction or termination of tenancy. This section includes two sub-sections: information of notice and tenant information. The information of notice section informs the tenant of the termination of the tenancy and the time period before the tenancy will be terminated like 30 days or 45 days from the day of issuance of notice. The tenant information section contains name of the tenant, the number of members in his or her family, address of the premises they are occupying and the date of termination of the tenancy.
  • Eviction Notice: The second section of the form contains a declaration of notice made by the landlord. It also states the day and date the notice was handed over by the landlord to the said tenant and how will it be handed over like sent through mail, personally delivered or delivered through a third person etc. Once all the information is in place, the landlord signs the notice and the date of execution of the notice.

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