What Is a Nomination Form

A nomination form is a standard form for nominating a person in the board of directors, for parliament or as a trustee. Nomination forms can also be filled by those who want to nominate a beneficiary and this type of nomination is predominant in banks, insurance policies, wills and trusts etc. There is a standard format for nomination forms although depending on the type of nomination; the information contained and required can vary from one institution to another.

There are three important sections in any nomination form and they include:

  • Personal details: This is the most common section in nomination forms across the world. Personal details of the applicant are necessary because it will help determine who is nominating and whom are they nominating. Personal details consist of name of the applicant, address, phone, current place of employment, company address, work phone, date of birth, gender, age, designation, number of years in employment, and number of years in the current company.
  • Nomination: This is the second section of a nomination form and this varies depending on the type of nomination. If it is a nomination form for beneficiary then this section will include name and address of the nominee, age, and other details like what the person is nominated for, what is the percentage of share the person will hold on the benefits accrued after death of the primary policy or account holder etc. If it is a nomination form for board of director then this section will contain information related to the experience in different aspects of life and work of the person filing for nomination; their experiences in handling people, responsibilities etc.
  • Authorization: The third and last section is where the applicant filling the nomination form needs to sign in order to validate the nomination. If it is a nomination form for beneficiaries then the person nominating needs to make a declaration of nomination and then sign with the date.

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