What Is a Medical Form

A medical form is primarily used by medical institutions and contains medical information of an individual. Apart from this, there are a number of other institutions that require medical forms including school, colleges, and other educational institutions, organizations, government services especially the armed forces, travel agencies, heavy industries, and many more. The importance of the medical form lies in what it reveals. Medical forms reveal patients current health information and their medical history, which is a basic requirement for some institutions and mandatory for others.

There are three important sections of any medical form and they are:

  • Personal details: This is the first section of the medical form and contains information related to the patient or participant. Information ranges from name of the participant, address, phone, date of birth, gender, age, name of father or local guardian for minors, height, weight, eye sight, and birth marks if any. In this section, a participant also needs to provide if they hold any health insurance, policy number and the physician to be contacted during emergency.
  • General Medical Information: This is the second section of the medical form and includes information related to general health and medical conditions of the participant. This includes information on allergies, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, liver or kidney problems, asthma, convulsion or seizures, and immunizations taken. This section will also include any physical disability or condition of the participant and current physical as well as behavioral conditions.
  • Specific Medical Information: This is the third and final section and includes information pertaining to the four senses that is smell, taste, vision, and hearing; information on abnormalities if any, recent test results related to teeth, cardiopulmornary system, musculoskeletal system, neurobehavioral system, and skin problems. This is the section where one needs to also attach a copy of their medical history and that of their next of kin if required. Once all the information has been provided, the form needs to be signed by both the applicant and a medical supervisor or doctor.

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