What Is a License Form

A license form can be used for several different purposes and is required in different industries or establishments including businesses, food & beverage, restaurants, driving, flying, banking, marriage, import and export among others. License forms vary according to the industry but most forms are divided into two information categories – basic information and industry or license specific information.

There are two important aspects of any license form and they are:

  • Standard Information: This is the first section of the form and includes information or particulars of the applicant. This section is common in almost all types of license forms like marriage license, driving license, restaurant license etc. In this section, an applicant has to provide their personal details like name, name of business, occupation, address, name of their father and mother, date of birth, educational qualification, number of staff, any other license currently held, etc. In this part of the form, applicants need to provide information on the documents attached. For example: if an individual is applying for license to practice law then they need to attach the results or mark sheet of law exams cleared and documentation related to other law or bar exams etc.
  • License Specific information: This is the second section and the information included here is specific to the industry or license being applied for. The information will vary according to the industry. For example – if you are applying for restaurant license then you will need to provide information related to the restaurant like opening of restaurant, capital, staff, refrigeration etc. Similarly, if you are applying for a flying license then you need to provide information related to flying like number of hours, night flying, types of learning aircrafts flown, etc. Some license forms might also require attested documents that provide proof of the applicant’s stature and experience as well witness information like name, address, and signature.

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