What Is a Lease Form

A lease form is a type of agreement that is signed between two parties, one of whom is the landlord also known as the lessor while the other is the lesse, or the person who wants to take a particular property on lease. Lease is different from rent and is normally for a defined period of time. A lease form includes important personal information of the landlord as well as the lesse. It also includes important clauses and terms and conditions that form the lease agreement.

There are three important aspects of any lease form and they are:

  • Personal information: This is the first section of the lease form and it contains the name, address, and phone number of the landlord. This section also contains information related to the tenant or occupant including their name, address, and contact. The type of property and the location of the property being leased is also mentioned in this section.
  • Lease Information: This section contains information pertaining to the lease, the tenure of the lease, the date the lease becomes effective and the date the lease expires, the rent payable, the mode of payment of rent and the periodicity of rents like weekly or monthly, amendments if any in the lease form regarding rent or any other aspect, rental incentives if any, appliances and utilities included in the rent, various services and their charges like lawn care etc, and security deposit.
  • Notice: The final section of the lease form contains a notice for the tenant. This notice is relevant to the termination of the lease and has to be filled only when the tenant decides to end the lease or to start the new lease term. The standard termination notice period is 3 months prior to the date of termination. This section of the lease form also contains space for signature and the form has to be signed by both the landlord and the tenant for it to be valid.

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