What Is a Landlord Form

A landlord form is also known as a lease or renter form. This type of form is used by a landlord when they need to rent out their property or a part of their property to another person, family, or business. The landlord form is often called the lease agreement and has to be signed by both the landlord who is known as the lessor and the individual or business taking it on rent or lease also known as the lesse. The form contains information regarding the property being rented or leased and the legal bindings associated with it. It also contains the amount of rent payable monthly or advance lease amount. The amount payable varies from one landlord to another.

There are three important aspects of any landlord form and they are:

  • Lease agreement: This is the first and foremost part of the landlord form where information regarding the date of the agreement, the property in question or the property given out on rent, the name of the landlord, and the name of the lesse or renter is provided.
  • Terms and conditions: This is the second part of the landlord form and contains various terms and conditions related to renting out or lease of property. The terms and conditions are legally binding and some of them can vary according to the city or state governing the property laws. This section contains information on several aspects including the amount of rent to be paid monthly, advance rent if any, information on the individual and his/her immediate family who will be occupying the premises, starting date and time of the lease term and ending date and time as well, and the do’s and don’ts of the agreement.
  • Witness: The third and last section of the landlord form contains a signature area. The form will be signed by the landlord, the lesse or renter, and one or two witnesses to this agreement.

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