What is a hr forms

HR Forms contain information related to the employees or the organization and can be a single and consolidated form or separate forms for separate requirements. The standard form contains several sub heads including recruitment and hiring process, human resource management, training and development, employee recognition, performance management and termination of employment.  The primary aim of the HR forms is to get the desired information from the employees and to find out the requirements of employees, business processes, and organization.

There are three major aspects of HR forms and they are:

  • Employee information: The first and most important aspect of HR forms is to accumulate as much information as possible regarding the new employees as well as existing employees. There are various categories and sub categories under which, the HR team can gather the required information of employees. Some of the standard categories include employee’s educational background, professional background, personal information including marital status and gender, new employee status, training for new and existing employees, employee feedback, employee satisfaction, remuneration and promotion of employees.
  • Organization Employee Relationship: HR forms also help in providing information that is important for driving organizational success, goals, and growth. These forms consist of sections that revolve around employee targets, percentage of monthly target achieved, annual targets, employee rewards schemes, performance based rewards, monthly, quarterly, and annual growth of employees and organization, and contribution of organization to employee growth and vice-versa.
  • Employee Development: The third aspect of the HR forms is employee development. This aspect deals with the career and future of each employee working with an organization. There are certain factors that are taken into account like employee behavior, employee work ethics, performance, and attitude to measure employee development in real time. Employee development is also connected to employee rewards, recognition, promotion, and overall growth. With the help of the data received through HR forms, the human resource department can accordingly put forth training and development for performance oriented employees.

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