What is a feedback form

A feedback form is used by a company to find out what are their customers’ response regarding a certain product or their services. Customers are a company’s greatest assets and it is very important to know what the customer thinks about the company so that they can stay ahead of the other brands in the market. One way by which a company can effectively build loyalty with the customers is by letting their customers know that their opinion is important. A customer can then voice his or her opinion, concerns or suggestions on the feedback form issued by the company.

Feedback forms can be of two types:

  • Online form: Most companies have their own websites and when a customer buys any product or uses any service, he or she may be asked by the company to fill up a free feedback form which will help the company to improve their services. It doesn’t take much time and can be submitted without moving away from the desk. Such forms may also be received by the customer through a mail.
  • Paper feedback forms: These forms are kept in the stores or a company’s offices and when a customer visits those centres they are asked to fill up the forms and give their feedback. Such feedback may contain comments about the customer’s experience with the company, any suggestions or also complaints about any unpleasant dealings.
  • Texting or SMS: Nowadays a new phenomenon is using SMS to get the feedback. A text or SMS is sent to the customer and then he asked to answer a few questions on the company’s product and services.

Besides customer feedback forms, which are the most popular type of feedback forms used, there are be other areas where it is used too. Feedback may be sought from participants in a seminar, a training programme, class, apartment complex, company meeting and so on.

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