What is a contractor form

A contractor form is a document signed between the owner of a property or project and a contractor who takes the responsibility of construction of the project. A contractor form mainly refers to any construction related activity, where a person or company works as a contractor to supply materials or labour, equipment, tools and expertise for the successful completion of a project within a fixed amount of time, using a certain amount of funds. Sometimes certain parts of the project are assigned to other contractors by the primary contractors and a subcontractor form is used to make that agreement.

Besides the terms and conditions, a contractor form must lay out all the physical and financial details necessary for the smooth construction of the project, so as to avoid any conflict later:

  • Names and contact details: Like any agreement, it is very important to give the name of the owner and the contractor, along with their addresses and location of primary business.
  • Information about the project: The name and location of the project, the size and scope of the project must be mentioned. The scope of the project would include the kind of work that is expected from the contractor and what are his responsibilities.
  • Deadline: Every project must have a deadline so that it does not stretch indefinitely and a disciplined approach is taken in the construction. At times even after the best efforts, the deadline may have to be stretched. In that case, the costs and labour must be justified.
  • Project funds: Every contract is allotted a sum of money which is used by the contractor for construction, materials, salaries and so on. A rough estimate is made and that amount is mentioned in the form, although some agreements may have an appendix which gives the details of the cost and quantity of everything used for construction.

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