What is a consent form

A consent form is used by a person to give permission or his consent to something. There are many events or activities which might pose a threat to or be risky in the life of an individual or his children who are minors. Such events usually deal with sporting activities, class road trips, surgeries and so on. In such a case, the organisers ask for written permission from the guardians or participants, so that in case there is any accident or untoward incident, they cannot be held responsible for it. It is mainly used when the participants are below 18 years of age and require the consent of their parents to take part in any event.

The content of the consent form will depend on the event for which permission is asked for. Nevertheless, there are some basic parameters which must be included in any consent form:

  • Introduction: At the very beginning, one needs to mention the subject, event or activity for which consent is required. This can be followed by giving the purpose of such an activity, its background, described in a brief and simple language.
  • Names: The names and contact information of the organisers, authorities, sponsors etc must be given so that the participant knows whom he is giving consent to and for what. There is also provision for writing down the names and contact details of the participants, or their guardians, if they are younger than 18.
  • Date and time: Details like the date of the activity, timings, duration etc must be added. Location and mode of transportation may also be mentioned in case it is a road trip.
  • Consent in writing: The form must end with the written consent of the participant or his guardian, saying that he or she understands the activity and the risks involved in it and gives his consent to it.




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