What is a Complaint Form

A complaint form as the name suggests is used when filing a complaint against a business, provider, individual, agency, and services. There is a standard format for complaints and can be used in multiple situations and types of complaints.

The complaint form can be filled by an individual or a business; it can be filled by a buyer or a seller; and it can be filled by a citizen against their government practices. There are several case scenarios in which a complaint form can be filled. As a practice, a complaint form is sent to an authoritative committee or the head of a department or organization.

There are several aspects that constitute a complaint form and they include:

  • Personal information of the complainant: The complaint form needs to be filled by the complainant in order to get the desired compensation or solution with regards to their complaint. The first part of the form includes personal information of the complainant including full name, age, sex, nationality, current residential address, day time phone number and cell number, occupation, and email address.
  • Complaint Information: This part of the complaint form mainly consists of details of the complaint and towards whom it is being directed. Information include name and address of the organization against whom the complaint is; the subject of the complaint, the reason for complaint, what is the complaint about, what is expected by the complainant as compensation, solution desired by the complainant, details of any consumer court or other court cases filed, reference number of any complaint filed with the organization, business, or person in question, records of previous complaints against the same entity, and nature of complaint.
  • Signature: The final part of the form requires signature of the complainant along with day and date. If it is a business then signature of the business authority or partners need to be there. If the complaint is being made on the behalf of another person then the signatures of the original complainant needs to be there. A minimum requirement of one witness signature is mandatory in the complaint form.

A complaint form once filled and signed needs to be sent to the right authority for any proceedings to begin or to arrive at a solution.

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