What is a Business Form

A business form is most commonly filled by those who are planning to start a business. Whatever be the nature of the business, there is a standard business form, which suffices the needs of different businesses. This form has a basic structure and revolves around information related to the nature of business, ownership, and other relevant details.

This business form is normally used by the owner of a business for registration of the business, for applying for government grants, and for introducing the business in different regions or markets.

A business form includes:

  • Personal information of the entrepreneur: The business form needs to be filled by an individual or several people starting a business together. The basic personal information required in the form include name of the owner or owners of business, type of business (partnership, individual, private limited, public limited), location of business, address of the owner or owners, percentage of partnership or stake in the business, and incorporate details and date of the business.
  • Business Information: This part of the business form mainly consists of details related to the business and business processes. It includes information on business infrastructure, nature of business (sales, services, non-governmental, public), industry (automobile, agriculture, food, hotel etc),  total capital invested, fixed assets, business objectives, employee strength, registrations acquired, markets, target audience, and projected sales or turnover.
  • Business agreement details: This part of the business form includes statement by the business owner or owners and they need to attach necessary documents with the form. The documents to be attached include partnership agreement, percentage share agreement, termination of business and disputes agreement, and death of partner and non-compete agreements.
  • Owner’s signature: This is the final section of a business form and includes a statement by the owner or owners certifying the authenticity of the information provided in the form. The owner or owners need to sign the form to make it complete or valid.

A standard business form also requires the signature of at least two witnesses apart from the owner’s signature.

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