What is a Bill of Sale Form

A bill of sale form is normally provided by the owner of a product and is given to the buyer of the product. Bill of sale forms are most commonly used for selling and buying of new vehicles as well as used cars. A bill of sale form confirms that a seller has sold their car or vehicle to a buyer for a specific amount. The amount sold for and other details of a vehicle are the most important components of a bill of sale form.

A bill of sale form includes:

  • Personal information of seller: The bill of sale form includes all information personal and business of the seller. If the seller is a vehicle store owner then the information will include the name of the store, owners name, location of the store, and registration details of the store. If the seller is an individual then the information will include name of the seller, age, residential address, and phone number.
  • Vehicle Information: This part of the bill of sale form constitutes information regarding identification number of the vehicle (VIN), model and make of the car, year of manufacture, color of the roof, style, body color, odometer reading, license plate or CF number, engine number. If it is a used car or vehicle, then the seller will need to mention if the car or vehicle in question has been involved in any accidents. They have to provide information regarding other physical details like how many times has the car been painted, was it dented, and history of repairs.
  • Seller and buyer agreement: This is the final part of the bill of sale form where the seller needs to mention the amount sold for, mode of payment, and the date of the transaction. If it is being bought by the buyer to gift someone, then the value of the vehicle as a gift and to whom it is being gifted have to be mentioned. Apart from this, the seller has to certify that the information provided by them regarding the vehicle is correct. Once the seller has signed, the buyer needs to sign as well and provide their full name, address, and phone number.

A standard bill of sale form also requires signature by at least two witnesses.

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