What are the importance of Bill of Sales forms

A bill of sales form is a legal instrument establishing a trade between two parties wherein one party is the seller and the other party is the buyer. By making provision for this, the vendor transfers his ownership right of a particular item to the purchaser and brings him in legal possession of the said item. It is necessary for any kind of business in which buying and selling forms the crux of the process. This document is an exclusive proof of the process and bears legal weight in case of a disagreement. The two main kinds of this is the conditional and the absolute bill of sales where the former is regulated by common laws and the latter by security laws of the state.

The major importance of bill of sales forms revolves around the following main aspects:

  • It is highly important for new as well as used products to officially declare the buyer an authorised buyer of the product even if it is bought second hand or from indirect sources.
  • The form enables the buyer to lodge complaints with the court and report problems associated with the product in the consumer forum in case of defective products.
  • The sales tax levied on the purchased product is sanctioned and determined by this as it serves as a proof of purchase producible in the tax department.
  • A sold product is not counted as purchased if its bill of sale form is not available and, hence, remains unregistered with the government.

Bill of sales forms are easily downloadable from online sites by choosing the correct state in which the form will be used. It contains all the basic information about the product in question and provides a generic as well as specific outline of the transaction held between the purveyor and the procurer.

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