What are the importance of Consent forms

A consent form is a legal permit granted by a party being approached to with a particular proposal. It is a legal proof of permission given under persuasion of a certain task mostly related to sensitive issues like researches in medical and legal areas. Since consent of the respective authority is highly important to initiate the process, the form must be duly filled out and signed. Any sort of task pursued without taking the consent may stand disqualified and subject the offender to severe legal punishments. The reason behind such an act triggering a lawsuit is that the property including someone’s dignity may lie at stake if his consent is not taken for the act.

The use of consent forms cover a wide area that are enlisted in the following:

  • It is a means to keep the person, whose consent is required, informed about the connotation, motive and consequences of the act so that he is fully aware of the pros and cons of granting his permission.
  • It ensures that the risks or damages experienced from the act is not solely the responsibility of the person committing the act but is also shared by the person giving the consent.
  • It legally entitles a person to do a certain activity on behalf of someone else like a research organization may grant permission to a member for conducting a research on behalf of the organization as a whole.
  • It predetermines the method of accomplishing the task and signifies that the person cannot deviate from the said method.

Any critical issue must be backed by a valid consent form especially the ones involving surgical operations of patients, legal contracts dealing with land and property sale, surveys and experiments with human subjects and the like. It may be put to positive use to handle future complications.

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