Vacation Request Form

In business organizations or companies, whenever an employee has to go for a vacation, he/she needs to take permission from the employer or the authorities. To take permission or to request the authorities to grant consent, an employee needs to fill out, what is known as a vacation request form. These forms are often provided by business organizations for use by the employees. These forms are used by employees to state their reason for taking vacation and ask for a formal permission from either their department head or other senior.

A vacation request form must consist of fields like-destination of vacation, starting date of leave from work, last date of leave from work and how the employees plans to complete the work that would remain pending. These are formally drafted documents which must also consist of a space where the employee can write an appeal.  Depending upon the reason stated by the employee and the time frame of vacation, the employer can choose to either accept the request or reject it.  These forms are very useful for employees as they eliminate the need for writing formal letters, asking for permission from the employers and are also very easy to use.

Sample Vacation Request Form

Vacation request form

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