Trailer Inspection Form

A trailer is a vehicle which is used for transportation of goods and merchandise from one place to another. A trailer is a kind of a truck which needs permission from concerned authorities before transportation of goods so that no illegal items are carried by the vehicle. Often, traffic police persons or other transport authorities may inspect trailers to see whether they are carrying permissible goods or not and to do so, they use trailer inspection forms.  Trailer inspection forms are formally drafted and filled in forms which are used by certain officers to fill in details of goods being carried by a trailer.

The inspection form must give details of the trailer, its model, its registration number, name of the drive, name of the owner of the trailer, name of the owner of goods and other related information. At the end of the form, the inspector must write whether the trailer passes the inspection test or not.  These forms may consist of a proper checklist of permissible items which have to be checked by the inspector on inspection of a trailer.  Signatures of the inspector at the bottom are also important to give a validation to the official form.

Sample Trailer Inspection Form

Trailer Inspection Form


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