Subcontractor Performance Evaluation Form

Often government tenders of large volumes are delegated to subcontractors for the purpose of convenience. These jobs, on completion are further evaluated in depth to ascertain the level of excellence. The subcontractor performance evaluation form usually is quite well thought-out and structured. The first section of the form is about the basic information of the subcontractor and the project such as the subcontractor number, name of the project he was handling, region of his operation, the project location, his contract number, man hours put in, the date of completion, the date of evaluation, original value, final value etc.

The next section is all about the parameters around which the evaluation is going to be made. For instance, whether the subcontractor has adhered to the specified requirements, adherence to price, planning, coordination and scheduling of labor, equipment, material etc are important factors. The subcontractor is graded on these following parameters by the government official.

The next segment of the form is where the official gives his insight on the experience with the sub contractor and whether he/she would recommend the subcontractor once more, the problems faced during the period and so on. Lastly the form needs to be duly signed and stamped.

Sample Subcontractor Performance Evaluation Form



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