Subcontractor Approval Form

A subcontractor approval form is structured form of agreement between a prime contractor and the agency or subcontractor, where both the parties mutually agree to the terms and condition of the relationship in between the primary contractor and the agency. This also includes the nature of work which the subcontractor was hired to execute. Few primary contractors use generic forms where the subcontractor needs to fill in the details while few others prefer to bring in an attorney, who drafts the agreement perfectly tailored for the situation.

The form needs to filled by both the parties duly and then attested by a notary public to make it official. In the first part of the form the primary contraction needs to fill in its details as to its unit or division, its contract number or pin, the value of the contract, the date of registration, the description of the contract under consideration etc. Next the agency or subcontractor needs to put in its details, which is their name, contact details, permanent address etc. Next someone from the side of the prime contractor needs to approve the primary review of the agency and sign it duly.  Finally the final approval of the agency needs to be confirmed by the primary contractor.

Sample Subcontractor Approval Form



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