Subcontractor Affidavit Form

By executing a subcontractor affidavit, its maker acknowledges its compliance with the rules and regulations under consideration, testifying affirmatively that the firm, individual or corporation that is engaged in the performance of the services (physically) under the contract has undertaken the requisite steps that they are required to do. For instance in the case of an affidavit made by a subcontractor or agent on compliance with the current wage rate, he has to make a declaration about this topic in the subcontractor affidavit form. The affidavit starts with a document number, a description, which basically is the declaration. The name of the person who makes the declaration needs to be mentioned along with the date on which the agreement is made also needs to be stated. Besides this the project under consideration, the date of commencement and ending of the project etc also are parts of the subcontractor affidavit.

The maker needs to then sign on the dotted line to authorize this affidavit. This further needs to be notarized in order to use it officially. Subcontractor affidavits may vary in format according to the topic under consideration, however the basic format usually remains the same, only few essentials pertaining to the declaration made by the subcontractor varies.

Sample Subcontractor Affidavit Form



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