Retail Purchase Order Form

The retail purchase order form is the form type which is issued by a buyer of retail items to a seller of the respective retail item. The sale or purchase of any retail item must be recorded for tax and other purposes. The retail purchase order form facilitates the record keeping of all such sales that happen across any of the industries in the economy. The retail purchase order form is the document which for proof sakes keeps record of the purchase order placed by the buyer. The seller can also go back to the order to ensure that he/ she supplies only those items that the buyer has placed the order form.

The order form differs from order invoice form which is issued by the seller the buyer certifying the sales made and the amount paid. The purchase order form will mostly contain all the relevant official details of the buyer like the logo, the full name and the full contact details of the buyer. It will also contain the details of the seller and date and time when the order is placed. The order form will also provide space for recording or specifying the items order for retail purchase, the quantity ordered and the price at which the buyer has ordered to buy those items.

Sample Retail Purchase Order Form:

Retail Purchase Order Form1

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