Rental Property Application Form

Planning to get a new residential property on rent? Before you go about and do anything, the first step is to apply for the property legally by filling up a rental property application form and submitting it to the landlord. This form has different section which the respective applicants need to fill up carefully. Only when the landlord accepts the application, can the tenant shift in that particular property.

In the first section of the form the potential tenant needs to provide his/her personal information as to name, permanent and current address, telephone number, email id, date of birth, marital status, occupation etc. Along with the provided information he/she needs to enclose a photo identity document.

The next section is about the past rental history of the applicant as to where he/she used to stay, the period for which the last property was rented, the amount of rent which was paid, reference of the former landlord, reasons of shifting to the new property etc.


After the rental history of the applicant come the section which deals with the current employment status of the applicant, where he needs to mention where he works, who is his current employer, how much money he makes annually, what is his position etc.

Finally he/she needs to sign the form and submit it duly.

Sample Rental Property Application Form



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