Rental Order Lease Form

The rental order lease form is the document which facilitates the work of both the parties involved in an agreement dealing with the renting out of a property. The rental order lease form is generally filled out by a tenant i.e. the individual/ entity that is leasing out the respective property. The order form must consist of the details of the involved parties. That is, the form will record the name (full official), the location/ physical address and other contact details of both the parties- lessor and the lessee.

The form will then move on to record the details of the property being rented for example whether the property is a commercial property or a residential property, the area covered, details of furnishings, the exact physical location of the property etc. The form will also record the amount of the lease rent that the tenant of the property has to pay. Not just that the form may also specify some terms and conditions which are to be followed by both the parties in the course of rental arrangement. In the end the party issuing the rental order lease form to the other party, has to sign it before moving forward with the rest of the formalities.

Sample Rental Order Lease Form:

Rental Order Lease Form2


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