Purchase Order Form

A purchase order form is a sales contract between the buyer and the seller. It gives details of the goods or services together with the quantities, their costs and detailed description of the items or service. The purchase order also has detailed terms and conditions of purchase.
Sample Purchase Form

Company name___________________         Company logo


Country code

Telephone number________________

Fax number___________________

Email address___________________

Purchase Order No._________________________ Date _________________

Project Number_____________________________________________________

Ship to: __________________________ Via______________________________


Person requisitioning________________________________________________

Vendor/ Supplier __________________________________________________ Street Address

Country Code

Telephone Number

Fax Number

Email Address


Street Address

Country Code

Telephone Number

Fax Number

Email Address
Catalog No.  Quantity      Description  Unit Cost

___________           _________                   __________                   ___________


Sales Tax ___________________

Shipping & Handling _________

Total Cost__________________________________________________________

Terms and Conditions

  • Please send _____________copies of your invoice
  • Enter this order according to the specifications listed price_____, description_________, delivery time____________.
  • Please revert with any information on delay or product unavailability within________________ days.

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